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Have so many creative work pics I should post, but for now...a sentimental music and photo post toasting 30 yrs of the best times in our lives. We met in college when we were just 19 yrs old! Cheers to friendship, love, and laughter, and for still being there through thick and thin. "I Miss You" song by Kacey Musgraves for my Jim who is too many miles away.


Our Documentary Campaign for Better Things: The Life And Choices Of Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Check out the finished documentary trailer on the below Indiegogo link.
Donations are appreciated... and the rewards for donations are really cool! Get some! :)


SAFARI EXOTIC ANIMAL CARE CENTER - I designed this beautiful 10,000 sq ft space for some fantastic doctors! I sketched out my concept and design for the reception desk below while sitting in my garage! When inspiration hits, run with it!

granite and tumbled marble for reception desk

My concepts began with the reception desk I designed using a local mill tree. I concepted the use of a vertical tree in the cat hotel room, but we decided to maximize that design with my friend and fabulous painter, Boris, in a painted theme of a global hotel. We incorporated trees in the other areas. I selected this wonderful tumbled marble counter tile, granite countertops, warm tile flooring installed on a vertical angle, custom reception chairs with faux croc, teak benches and shelving root trees, handcarved Indian bookshelf unit, custom art from my equally fabulous graphic designer, exotic wallpaper, Asian stools, Safari fabric, plants, accessories, etc...
Lots of space planning, color palette selection, shopping, collaborating, etc. LOVE the docs and their staff! Wonderful clients doing wonderful things for domestic and exotic animals. More photos coming!

May Repost for my new client: BATHROOM BEFORE AND AFTER REDESIGN: I designed and did all of the tile work. Fun!