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Christmas Holiday decorating touches in my home

I always pull out my uncle's Christmas postcard from his time spent in the military during the '40's while stationed in France. He sent this wonderful card to my grandparents (his in-laws). It's so sweet, and I cherish it so much. Uncle Chuck, you were a wonderful man! Cheers to you in the afterlife.

Decorating for the holidays in my dining room - simple strand of garland, a few mercury glass ornaments and stockings. Easy.


Wonderful Christmas! My sweet small Christmas tree...

We just got home and are about to snuggle in and watch one of our favorite movies tonight, but I wanted to post that we had one of the best holidays at my parent's home. All the family was there including new boyfriends, and fingers crossed, babies on the way!! :) We can count our lucky stars to have such kind, hard working, honest and loving new members join our crazy gene pool! Happy holidays to my family and friends in Houston, Florida, Ohio, Louisiana, Austin, Colorado, France, Sweden, Columbia, etc... Mistletoe kisses to all and cheers to a lovely 2011!!!! ******


Beautiful Christmas holiday designs for exterior and interior - Rhonda's home

Gina and I took only a few pictures this year. We were working back-to-back jobs, so we rarely stopped to shoot photos. I'll post the others later.


Santa under my outdoor Christmas tree

I redesigned the Santa I bought. I took some things off his attire that were cheesy and added some things like the cool clock he's holding. I found that at another store. Love it! I also took off the ugly red ribbon that was on the lighted present, and added my own ribbon and accents of light bulbs and gold sprayed coral picks. Everyone has commented on it when they see me outside. I've seen neighbors taking peeks. Just hope someone leaves some tuna treats and catnip for my cats. Lol!

My artsy outdoor Christmas tree = creative fun!

I can never have the expected look. Whatever I design has to have a creative twist and an amusing unusual flair. I used old and new keys, actual GE light bulbs and numbered metal tags. It looks really cool up close and personal. I used my old railroad spikes and hammered metal ornaments under the tree. The tree topper is just a simple feather bouquet. Nothing spectacular until you put it all together. For those of you who know where I live, stop by and take a peek. Just use things that you like and don't worry about whether it's appropriate to the holidays or if other people like it. Design for your tastes. Make it personal. Make it fun! Who wants to be boring?