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My mason jar creations: More Photo Art Layering with glitter, trinkets, canvas and burlap lids + a little bit of magic. Easy peasy. And FUN! (ps. while i looked like a dead cow on tv, i'm not a double digits figure... and never let a well-intentioned friend do your make-up without a test run!) Lol! Live and learn! And have fun creating!

MASON JARS WITH PHOTO ART LAYERING - My idea for using photos and artwork in mason jars! I created this cool dimensional imagery and other ideas for my second tv segment! I love this one!

More Mason Jars

My greeter gets her summer on! Fake strawberries dipped in crystals for the season!

Repurposed with a purpose! Old bathroom light fixture, hanging clothes dryer and test tube holder!

Doors - door shelves, "papered" doors, divider jewelry doors! Oh my!

INEXPENSIVE AND CREATIVE MASON JAR SOLAR LIGHTS! I created these for the tv segment! Supplies: jars, my existing resin vase, solar yard stake panels, adhesive, frost spray paint, glass paint, and paint made out of Mod Podge mixed w/ food coloring and water. Simple. Love it. Fab glow!