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My first grade, "About Me" writing assignment began with three powerful words - I like art. My dad saved said story, and such a simple statement noting my artistic passion still rings true today. At the top of the page, I created a multi-colored geometric design using five different crayons to form perfectly spaced, somewhat solid circles of not-so-primary colors. I wasn't much for primary colors since I preferred the uniqueness of the secondary palette. In my six year old mind, I created a masterpiece in a mod 60's kind-of-way. I suppose I felt this design lent itself to the subject I was writing about and was my li'l artistic flourish.

I won illustration and various art awards throughout my formative years. I even had my artwork posted on a billboard for the Litter Prevention - Keep America Beautiful Campaign. I named the theme of my piece, "Open The Door To A Beautiful View," and the book, The Secret Garden, was my inspiration. I took pride in the fact that my teachers usually called on me to create anything visual that was needed for the classroom. I have many fond memories of designing school window displays from fifth gradethank you Mr. McDonalduntil my senior year when I was responsible for the student council visual displays and posters for cheerleading. (Artistic overachiever...are you rolling your eyes yet?) During Christmas vacation, I designed merchandising window displays for a clothing store in which I found humor incorporating myself into the art as a mannequin; my progressive interpretation of live art was in it's infancy. In undergraduate school, I took two art classes and won an honor for sculpting. In graduate school, I carved out some time to begin designing homes for friends and family.

I have continued my artistic endeavors via experience with Nickelodeon/Lucky Duck Productions, and interior design TV spots on ABC — Design On A Dime, Decorating Ideas For The HolidaysHow To Be Creative On A Budget, Door Decor, Mason Jars, Bright Lights, and Online DIY Halloween Tips. I recently worked with a Brooklyn film producer as set designer for his film, Avalanche, using my home as the film setting, and with talented actors from AMC's Making Of The Mob: New York and Teen Wolf. I worked with amazing legendary comic book and graphic novel artists. I slso worked as Associate Producer with my DC Comics friend and amazing new documentary film producer, Maria Paz Cabardo. I'm working as a prop designer and set dresser for some fabulous Houston theatersMain Street Theater, Alley Theatre, Theater LaB, Country Playhouse, Masquerade Theatre, Opera In The Heights, and Opera Vista. I am stimulated by continual lessons... daydreams... the trial-and-error process... outlandish ideas that come to imperfectly perfect fruition... wacky ideas percolating in artistic environments that never see the light of day and those that do... really good live music... Austin, Texas... repurposing junk into art... fellow artisans at their best... writing my humble book about my psychic grandmother and personal abilities... the secrets of the universe... the stars beyond our tiny planet... hunting for treasure... spectacular views... wit... laughter... Chai tea... "why not?"... and recognizing potential greatness in the ordinary. I can't escape the need to create unconventional spaces and things. I'm happiest when creating.