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Funny Theatre Quote

Favorite quote from a co-worker: "I'm looking for a roommate who's a stage manager. They work terribly long hours which means they won't be at home very much. Better yet, I'm looking for a roommate who's a promiscuous stage manager. They're really never home." 


Theatre Props - Alley Theatre "Peter Pan" set & props --amazing!--Wendy's house...the mushrooms...Tinker Bell's home. (image credit Alley)

Wish I had a photo of Wendy's house that I worked on with Eric. 
We used PVC pipe, chicken wire, and muslin dipped in glue. That was the best solution so it would remain lightweight for crew installation. We painted it and then wired on TONS of artificial foliage that Karin found for us. It looked so great! Total teamwork. Eric even installed a functional interior light feature. I created a cool design up the front of the window using the yellow foliage mixed in with the green foliage, and we mixed in tree branches. I wish I had snapped a photo of it. I also worked on The Lost Boys bed mattress - 2 large pieces of upholstery foam and carved foam to get the angle needed to view all the actors during their nightly story time. The pillows I created were also for the Lost Boys bed. They had to be sewn as if little ones created the pillows. Good thing for me as I had to make them imperfect on purpose! Created the texture on the organic furniture with Haley using Jaxsan, mulch and muslin.  Tomoko and I texturized the cannons...Lots of other great things. Absolute fun!

Theatre Props - Opera In The Heights, Great performances and directing! Beautifully passionate music - Belle Nuit Barcarolle! (OH! image credit)

Main Street Theater - Props for Breakfast At Eight. It's going to be a great show directed by Andrew Ruthven. Opens Oct. 21st (photo credit MST)