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my mom and dad

My mom (Peggy, below link) is my greatest fan who supports my creative endeavors even when she doesn't get it/me, and wishes I would pursue accounting. She describes me as her free-spirited child...or is it simply spirited child? Lol! As a nod to her creative abilities, she showed me how to think outside the box by coloring (with a lavender marker) the 1/2" fabric strap that diagonally crossed the clear plastic piece on my Candies shoes so it would better match my Blessing Of The Fleet ensemble. Those shoes were the winners! And she always said, "I can make that!" in reference to whatever original version was presented whether it was clothing, art, furniture... you name it. She always had the confidence that she could make an even better version of it. And she did. I only wish I had her financial wizardry. I didn't get that gene. She is the best beyond belief!

I have to thank my dad for the gift of using my hands as tools for creating. He was always drawing (mainly cowboys) or in the shop designing various things using wood or metal. He was great at creating wooden guns and rings out of ordinary nuts. I still have my two treasured rings he made for me (one has a gold cut-out of Texas on the top of silver metal and the other has a raised metal diamond). I remember asking my mom to show me how to make a bunny out of Play-Doh at the age of four or five. She tried and then said, "Why don't you let Dad show you when he gets home. He's the creative one." He even made a television "remote" out of a cane of bamboo or something so I could access the buttons on my quite old tv during my recuperation from a car wreck. He showed me that ordinary items can be repurposed into beautiful treasures, practical tools or just interesting things that serve as a pieces of imagination at play!

My parents are artists and they've shared their veins with me. I guess I got lots o' veins from them. I can thank them for my passion to create!