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Maximizing a backyard space: Dreaming of green grass in my backyard....... photo re-post from Feb 2011 for my friend at the theater (bench/design reference).

...especially since the winter freeze this weekend killed some of my favorite plants. Waah. Goodbye beautiful umbrella plant. You were gorgeous for a year 1/2!!!


I think we are headed to Jude's home again. She was an awesome client! Jude's home - Carlton Woods!

Gina, Mary and I had a great time working with Jude. She's a fun person! Her home is lovely...and her gorgeous backyard was the crime scene of much amazing wine, scrumptious food, and fantastic conversation!


Here We Go Again! 'Tis the season for holiday decorating! Ann's home! Festive Grand Entrance!

Gina and I love our clients. They are all back and ready to go with the tinsel and holly. We are ready to be creative! Not ready for Christmas bulb light issues as we experienced with this one last year, but ready for the hard work and festive fun! Always gets me in the holiday spirit!

ABC filming at my home! Design segment for creative ideas using door panels. They were a fun crew!

All the decorations, design materials and props are lined up in the hall and furniture is moved around, so don't think I have furnishings placed randomly. We were constantly moving furniture, doors, accessories, etc... as we went from room to room and project to project. Love my Blanca and Katishia who are amazing tv personalities with lots of energy!

Designing for our new client! Sophisticated sweet!

I used a wash and glaze to create this Country French Treatment - 2008 New Construction for Patty's Bellaire Home

Reposting for another client. She wants to look at what I painted for Patty and have me do a modified version of this for her. Here you go, Karen! See you soon!