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Commercial Space Office - Art/Furniture/Accessories/Space Planning

interior spaceLIFT - Artwork I found for client in Galleria Loft 6 x 8 Ft Mosaic Tile!

interior spaceLIFT - Art installation for client in Galleria Loft

Residential Art - 3 Different Homes: Memorial Guest Rm, Heights Entry and Galleria Loft Office

interior spaceLIFT - Demolition - Tore out ugly '70's enclosed bar - door, walls, cabinets, countertop, plumbing - and created a more spacious feel!

Commercial Space - Art, accessories and furnishings and fabric hanging art used in (2) residential spaces (Dining and living area)

Art BW Commercial Space

Beautiful! I need to find this artist!


Residential and Commercial Art

Residential Loft and Commercial Office

Commercial space - REAL artwork - commissioned originals using local historical photography!

Paris, France - Art Shopping

interior spaceLIFT - New Construction - Selected countertops for kitchen and bathrooms today for client! GORGEOUS slabs!

Commercial Space Art Selection

interior spaceLIFT - BEFORE blank canvas and AFTER WOW! A space LIFT!!


My Artwork - "Boo's Blessings" (My wonderfully special cat passed away from cancer, and I painted her passing into the afterlife.)

interior spaceLIFT - "Baby" acrylic artwork

interior spaceLIFT - A design option when you can't afford new flooring or you want a different look, buy 2 rugs for wall-to-wall drama!


Prop design and set decor for Main Street Theater's THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING

 Claire Hart-Palumbo will perform Didion’s adaptation of her stunning memoir about the sudden death of her husband, John Gregory Dunne, and the prolonged illness of her only daughter. “Capturing the compassion, humor, and bewilderment of a fiercely intelligent woman whose world lurches suddenly from the ordinary to the unimaginable, The Year of Magical Thinking is a love letter to a child and a tribute to an extraordinary, unconventional marriage told with raw candor and a storyteller's gift for the absurd." (Playbill)

In 2007, Vanessa Redgrave played Didion in the Broadway production and was nominated for both a Tony and a Drama Desk Award.