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The Silent Prince World Premier last night - Huge Success!

Just completed the world premier of the Silent Prince last night. It was fantastic! Beautiful beautiful music! Sold so many tickets that the upper level balcony was the only available seating... sparse at that. We were all so proud of our combined efforts. I worked with one of the best teams...loved every minute of it! Joe, Viswa, Alex, Debs, Tom, JP, Russell, Manny, CW, David, Ryan - sweetest prince everrrr, Kirthi, Mahesh, Timothy, Gregory, many wonderful team members that I can't name everyone. And the post soiree was the best ever. Much much laughing... and champagne with reeeally great Indian food! I miss you guys already... but we're Bangkok bound! PS~ The chariot I created out of a pedicab was fantastic! The crew told me they heard lots of oooing and ahhhhing when it rolled out on stage. I blinged it out and was happy with it. If you need a chariot on a budget, I can give you some pointers on what I did to turn the pedicab into a chariot. L & L Cruizers - (Lisa and Pete) - are the owners of the pedicab business I discovered. They are wonderful to work with, so call them. Will try to post a pic of it later. Cheers to my new Opera Vista family!

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