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It's Fake and Bake Time Again! --- Food for Main Street Theater's production of Heidi Chronicles!!

I made two fake gourmet foods (grilled salmon with herbs and grilled swordfish with a bosenberry balsamic sauce). Pretty cool since this was the first time I've done anything like this (except for the fake oysters I made last summer for another theater production.) It's more amazing given the fact that I'm like Carrie on Sex And The City and use my oven for storage. I don't cook, but I'm a great fake 'n bake chef, so that counts for something! :) 
(If you guess what material I used, you win a prize! No cheating for those friends/family who know what I used to create them!)
Check out Main Street Theater's production of Heidi Chronicles which opened this weekend to great success and runs until mid-December.

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